ATO JobKeeper Monthly Declarations

ATO JobKeeper Monthly Declarations
The application process for the Jobkeeper stimulus payments continues this week and requires action to ensure payments are received (this includes reporting the previous months income and current month income projections). We have prepared a summary of the ATO’s process guidelines. Some may find this confusing and we are more than happy to be engaged to action this for you (needs to be done each month) but need confirmation before we proceed.

The required steps are as follows:


The ATO have today released the second step of the JobKeeper enrolment via the ATO Website—employers-reporting-through-STP/?anchor=Step2#Step2

This step will nominate all eligible employees as well as the “eligible business participant” (Director or Trust Beneficiary) and also complete your first monthly reporting requirements.

‘Eligible Business Participant’ is an individual who works in the business but is not employed by the entity. Further details of the eligibility are located here

As with Step 1, this next step will be completed on via the ATO Business Portal and MyGovID. Access to the portal can be retrieved from

If you haven’t yet set up a MyGov ID login, please see our past article for further information in that regard

Further in detail steps around the JobKeeper application process can be found in our previous article here

To complete Steps 2 and 3, please ensure you have the following information on hand as you will not be able to save and return to the form (If you are reporting your wages through STP, you will have previously recorded the eligibility of each employee through your software) :

  • Names, Tax File Numbers and Dates of Birth for all additional eligible employees and the eligible business participant
  • Your GST Turnover for April and the projected turnover for May
  • Returned Employee Nomination Notices from all eligible employees

The next step is to identify and maintain the employees on the Business Portal.

You then select the month (fortnights) that the employees are eligible for and also select whether you are including an eligible business participant. If you select yes, you will enter their details and select the fortnight they are claiming from.

Eligible Business Participant

All your employees data will be prefilled from the STP data lodged, you will need to check the correct number of employees are included for each fortnight.

If you are not reporting your wages through STP or do not have any employees and are only nominating an eligible business participant, the steps outlined above will still apply however you will need to complete the eligible employee or business participant details manually.

After the above steps are completed, you will need to report your Monthly Turnover per Step 3 – Make a Business Monthly Declaration for JobKeeper Payment. This is completed in the same section as Step 2 on the Business Portal

At this section you will enter your GST turnover for April and your projected turnover for May. Once this is completed, you reconfirm the number of employees and the bank details for the payment to be made to.

Please note that Step 3 will then need to be recompleted every month before any payments will be received.

In all instances please refer to the ATO websites for guidance.

If you need any additional assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We can assist with all Government Stimulus matters.

Yours Sincerely


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