JobKeeper 2.0 Applications Closing

JobKeeper 2.0 Applications Closing

Good Morning,

JobKeeper (JKR) version 2.0 is now operational (from 28 Sept) and applications for acceptance into the new scaled back stimulus are closing this Saturday.

We have seen many not eligible but would like to send one last reminder for everyone to review their business’ numbers and be 100% sure they are not eligible and if you are, submit your application before Saturday the 31st of October.

The key dates are:

September 28: start paying eligible employees under the second phase two-tier system, based on their hours worked in the comparison period.

October 1–14: complete your October JKR monthly business declarations.

October 1–31: submit your business turnover decline to the ATO.

Before October 31: ensure you’ve met the wage condition for all JKR eligible employees from the fortnight starting September 28.

From November 1: complete your monthly business declaration and confirm payment tiers you are claiming for each eligible worker.

If you need any assistance please contact us ASAP.

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