• General compliance audits for trust accounts.
  • Due diligence reviews and profit verifications when buying or selling a business, by providing independent and objective assurance on information, transactions and processes. These services enable our clients to make more meaningful and effective decisions as well as enhancing the credibility and confidence in the information.

Our auditors maintain independence from management and directors so that tests and judgments are made objectively.

  • Taxation – including tax returns, Business and Instalment activity statements, Fringe Benefits tax, PAYG
  • Accounting Services – including financial statements, general accounting and bookkeeping advice
  • Corporate Compliance – including annual company statements, company and trust setups and amendments
  • QBCC Compliance (formerly BSA)
  • Business Planning
  • Budgeting and Forecasts

In the sometimes unpredictable business environment that we operate in, it is imperative that you can speak to an advisor at a moment’s notice. Our business advisory services division can assist you at any time when you need crucial advice on taxation and accounting compliance, cash flow, budgeting and general accounting and bookkeeping issues.

Our team can also assist you in valuing your business for a prospective purchaser or perform the necessary due diligence to ensure that your capital investment decisions are well informed.

  • Entity Structuring
  • Reviewing the managerial and administrative operations of your business
  • Strategic Plans tailored to meet your obligations and that of your business
  • Human Resource Management
  • Business Plans

Our team of skilled professionals can advise and assist with any aspect of your business from the simple to the really complex.

Strategic Plans – Business today is moving faster than ever before. RWG can help businesses “keep up” by looking into the future to determine their individual markets and needs and resolve how to get there. Every strategic plan undertaken is unique to each client’s business as we believe that no two businesses are alike.

Managerial and Administrative Operations Reviews – RWG can undertake a detailed study of your business and provide management with reporting on financial analysis, cost accounting, systems analysis and business improvement. From the information gained through these reports, we can develop Key Performance Indicators so that businesses are able to monitor their ongoing progress in achieving their goals.

Human Resource Management – Your staff are the major asset in your business and without them your business does not exist. Highly motivated, loyal and productive staff will ensure the success of any business. RWG can assist businesses to formulate a sound human resource policy that will achieve the best outcome for the business and its staff

Business Plans –RWG is able to assist in formulating a market plan that will undertake a study of the depth of your products or services in the market, the profitability in that market and how they are going to deliver to that market to build a sustainable competitive advantage.

  • Assist with determining your individual business reporting requirements
  • How to use this information

Accurate and meaningful reporting provides an invaluable tool for management to assist in making business decisions.

RWG Accountants & Advisors can assist with determining your individual business reporting requirements and how to use this information in the decision-making process.

  • Assist with determining the best structure for your business
  • Avoiding conflict between business partners

Establishing the optimum structure is important for many reasons including asset protection and tax planning.

A suitable business structure can also prevent conflict between business partners now or in the future. RWG can offer advice on any new business ideas and assist with choosing the right business vehicle for legal and accounting purposes.

  • Corporate Insolvency – including voluntary administration
  • Creditors Voluntary Liquidations
  • Provisional Liquidation and Receiverships
  • Personal Insolvency

Specialising in assisting businesses that are facing temporary setbacks or financial difficulty, RWG’s focus is on determining a workable solution for all affected parties. If you or your business become insolvent, you will have to consider whether a formal appointment is necessary over personal or business affairs. We provide more than traditional insolvency advice, we determine solutions and implement them.

We will work through these difficult circumstances with you whilst maximising the benefits for all stakeholders.

We can also assist with Personal Insolvency and help with working through Part X arrangements to avoid bankruptcy if possible. If not, we can help with achieving the best result in bankruptcy or debt agreement situations.

  • Assistance with mediation
  • Cost-effective and timely dispute resolution

We can provide practical, thorough, cost-effective and timely dispute resolution and litigation services for our clients.  We can provide assistance with mediation and in achieving fast, favourable and inexpensive settlements.

  • Corporate Tax
  • Personal Tax
  • Tax Minimisation
  • PAYG Tax
  • Payroll Tax
  • Goods and Services Tax
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Fringe Benefits Tax
  • Research and Development

Tax is an exceptionally technical area made difficult by ever-changing and complex legislation. We have tax specialists with technical skills to assist with all types of tax.

Our team solves tax problems from the ideas stage through to implementation of systems and processes, providing proactive business solutions to our clients’ complex business and personal needs.

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